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I am using the extension feuserlisting to present my visitors a list of site members, but I'd like to sort the list on the full name. I know I can click the table heading to sort it when it is presented on the screen, but somehow it should be possible to set the default sorting by TypoScript?

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The way of doing it is to use the _DEFAULT_PI_VARS mechanism.

plugin.tx_feuserlisting_pi1._DEFAULT_PI_VARS {
    sort = name:0

The list view method of feuserlisting initilizes with a call to $this->pi_setPiVarDefaults() (which is inherited from tslib_pibase), where the key _DEFAULT_PI_VARS is taken into account when establishing the piVars.

This technique should be available in all pibase extensions which initialize their piVars with such a call.

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