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I miss a table in my data model I have an existing DB, and tried: EF Power Tools like THIS description


  • User (Id, ...)
  • Project (ID, Name,..)
  • Timestamp (ID,Start, End, UserID, ProjectID..)

But I have no Table "Poject_Favorit" (UserId, ProjectID)

So I write the Table myself:

public class Project_Favorite
    [Key]public Guid GuidUser { get; set; }
    public Guid GuidProject { get; set; }

and I added:

public DbSet<Project_Favorite> Project_Favorite { get; set; }

to my DbContext

EF searched for "dbo.Project_Favorite" but it should search for "Timeworx.Project_Favorite"

so I added:

modelBuilder.Configurations.Add(new Project_FavoriteMap());

to my DbContext

and created the file "Project_FavoriteMap.cs:

class Project_FavoriteMap : EntityTypeConfiguration<Project_Favorite>
    public Project_FavoriteMap() { 
        //Primary Key
        this.HasKey(t => t.GuidProject);
        this.HasKey(t => t.GuidUser);

        this.ToTable("Project_Favorite", "Timeworx");

Now there is an error. It says "...Project_Favorite already defined..."

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It looks like the Poject_Favorit table is a many-to-many join between User and Project. In that case you don't need a corresponding entity class. Your User class will probably have an ICollection<Project> and your Project class will probably have an ICollection<User>. That represents a many-to-many hierarchy. A project can favorited by many users and a user can favorite many projects. Hence the two collections.

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