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I'm trying to parse JSON data from a google maps search. I've tryed both JACKSON and and now I'm Trying JSON SIMPLE. Both of them gives the same error.

First of all I'm doing an search on Google maps.

String urlString = ""+ "Stockholm" + "+Gym";

Gives me JSON while(1);{title:"stockholm Gym - Google Maps",url:"/maps?f=q\x26source=s_q\x26start=0\x26q=stockholm+Gym\x26ie=UTF8\x26hq=Gym.............. and so on. I'm replacing the while(1); with ""; before i return the string.

To the problem when I'm trying to parse it

JSONParser parser = new JSONParser();

    String jsonString = "";

// UriHandler.mapSearchJson is the method that returns the jsonString.

    String jsonData = UriHandler.mapSearchJSON(jsonString);

    Object obj = "";
    try {

        obj = parser.parse(jsonData);

    } catch (ParseException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    JSONObject jsonObj = (JSONObject) obj;

    String title = (String) jsonObj.get("title");

This gives me the exception. Unexpected character (t) at position 2.

When I'm debbuging it. comes all the way to when it's trying to parse the string. then the obj is = null.

What in thw world am I doing wrong.


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Note that the rules for JSON are stricter than the rules for JavaScript object literals. Unquoted field names are OK in object literals, but not in JSON. – Tim Goodman Feb 22 '13 at 14:28

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As the others already mentioned, a nonquoted field name is not standard JSON. However, Jackson (and maybe others) has a set of option settings that allow it to work with nonstandard, but common JSON derivatives:


will enable processing of unquoted field names.

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The response is not valid JSON, as the key name was not quoted with double quotes.

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{title:"stockholm Gym"

is invalid JSON, it should be this:

{"title":"stockholm Gym" 

Notice how title is surrounded by " double quotes

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You are pulling back Javascript code that is meant for the site to use.

There could be any Javascript code in that response, not just the JSON that happens to be returned as part of the search.

You need to request from their maps API instead:

This will return you only the JSON data.

Have a look the Google Maps API for more options.

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