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I'm trying to parse a file with antlr 4, I can't get why integer of more than one digit are not parsified (line 79:44 no viable alternative at input '17').

This is the entier grammar http://pastebin.com/rxktvUBi

Here is the definition of int

fragment DIGIT : [0-9] ;
integer : DIGIT+ ;

which doesn't work at all. This version

integer : ('0' | '1' | '2' | '3' | '4' | '5' | '6' | '7' | '8' | '9')+ ;

works only for 1 digit integers.

This is an example of line not parsified

 struct p_77_bound_17_or: ((bound(MEK)<=17) | (bound(MEKPP)<=17))

The problem is in



Note that if I use identifier


identifier: ID;

instead of integer



that works.

Why? Any Idea?

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Your integer rule is a parser rule, not a lexer rule. The '0', '1', etc. literals it references are implicitly turned into lexer rules which match a single digit each. You should make the following lexer rule instead:

INTEGER : '0'..'9'+;

Or in ANTLR 4, simply this:

INTEGER : [0-9]+;
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