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I have 1 website for now. Its URL is www.test.com, for example. I want to create second website on the same domain adding store codes to URLs. So my URLs will be


But as I can see all my previous URLs will show 404 on their open. So if I open


it will show 404. It is not good because I loose my SEO. How can I create redirects so if user opens


he will be automatically redirected to default website, like


Shall I have any issues with such redirects? (Like API will not work) Or is it possible for URL


to show product from default website, if exists?

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Magento has a very good system for SEO.

For Rewrite Management these are the steps:

1.Loginto Admin. 2.Move mouse over Catalog and you will find a drop down. 3 Select URL Rewrite management.

Catalog >> UrlRewrite Management

4.Then click on ADD URL Rewrite Button.

5.Then on next screen select custom from option provided

Create URL Rewrite : Select Custom

Now following important fields and values that should go:

  1. Request Path (Old URL ) Target Path ( New URL ) redirect (Permanent 301).

Note : This approach will be good if you have few products but if you have too many product then some .htaccess rule is recommended.

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