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On an AWS EC2 instance I have a large (10's of GiB) Solr index that I would like to backup daily. In order to do so, I need an additional 200 GiB of storage space, for the span of about 6 minutes (replicate, tarball, then FTP elsewhere and rm the new directory and tarball).

Is there any way to request a 200 GiB EBS volume, then mount it, then unmount it and remove it from our account, all from a BASH script or Python script? Would a different approach (i.e. not EBS) be better?

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Yes, it is possible to provision and mount an EBS volume via script or using various SDK's.

Here are the instructions for using the command line tools to creating an EBS volume:


And here are the instructions for using the command line tools to attach a volume.


Finally, here are the instruction to delete the volume once done with it:


In all cases just scroll down to the "Command Line Tools" section.

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Thank you Mike! – dotancohen Feb 22 '13 at 22:22

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