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I'm having a hard time in assigning values that came from my database,

Value to be retrieved :

Value = 11:00:00
Data Type = time(0)

I use VS 2010 to assign that value from SQL Server 2008 with a DateTimePicker..

Format = HH:mm
MinDate = 1/1/1770

DateTimePicker1.Value = Appointment Time

It gives me an error of 'Value of 1/1/0001 11:00:00AM is not valid for Value. Value should be between MinDate and MaxDate..

I wonder why SQL Server 2008 gives a value of Date, in my Time(0) Column?

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I try this query

declare @x time(0);
set @x = getdate();
print cast(@x as datetime);

It will be give you the time with the date 01/01/1900.

So, try to cast Appointment Time to DateTime before set the DateTimePicker1 value.

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It worked! Thank you!! – TheOxblood Feb 22 '13 at 15:21

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