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Since 'cellpadding' attribute is not supported in HTML5, what's the best way to apply padding to all cells in a table in HTML e-mail?

I've read that linked style sheets are are bad idea as widely ignored by email clients so at the moment I can only think of adding inline style="padding:5px;" to every element in table but this seems pretty long-winded!

Any ideas?

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Even though something isn't supported, emails are a special rule. The bgcolor="" rule for example has been depreciated for a while, yet is still the best way to add a background color in email. In fact, most email clients strip out the doctag all together.

Linked style sheets don't work, even style tags are ignored by web clients.

Here and here and here are some references to get you started in the crazy world of html email design

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Thanks a lot some useful pointers/links there. – user1794295 Mar 6 '13 at 19:40

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