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I'm using struts 1.x and tiles. I want to create a breadcrumb trail containing a path to the current page, but, I don't want the final breadcrumb to point to the current page. This is because the final page is the result of a search. So it doesn't make sense to point to a search result page.

How do I add a breadcrumb that is only a label and not a link?

I'd like it to look like:

Home Page (link) > Search Criteria (link) > Search Results (not a link)

My tiles def looks like:

<putList name="breadCrumbList">
    <item value="Home Page" link="/blablabla" />
    <item value="Search Criteria" link="/blablabla2" />
    <item value="Search Results" link="/blablabla2" />  <-- this needs changed
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Change the link value to # as follows.

<item value="Search Results" link="#" /> 


This is what we have done in our project if that helps:

   <definition name="tile.success" extends=".layout">
        <put name="content" value="/jsp/routing.jsp"/>
        <put name="title.section" value="My Title"/>
        <putList name="breadcrumbs">
            <item link="#" value="Add Name"/>

"Add Name" just shows up as a label in the breadcrumb.

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Thanks for the answer Susie. Your suggestion didn't work though. It is still a function link - which isn't desired. And, the link results in a page not found error. –  Todd Feb 22 '13 at 17:03
We are currently using struts 1.2 and that's what we've done and it seems to work. Did you restart the server after you made the change? –  Susie Feb 22 '13 at 17:09
Thanks Susie. What you stated does work. My app is converting the "#" to the application path + #. e.g. www.mysite.com/application/mypage.jsp containing the breadcrumb specified above gets converted to www.mysite.com/application#. If I manually convert the resulting anchor link in Chrome from www.mysite.com/application# to # it works perfectly. –  Todd Feb 25 '13 at 21:01

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