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I'm new to the CE environment, I have to create an application for a mobile computer with a barcode scanne that uses Windows CE 5.0 (motorola mc3000).

Note : I'm using VS 2008 and I'm programming with C# !!

I made a litte demo project that it runs successfully on the device. My application have a scan task so it need to use the Barcode reader : Access to the scan hardware, make it run, read the returned result and display it into a textBox !!

The problem is that I don't know how to integrate the scan part into my application .

Any help on this ?

Thx on advance !!!!! ^_^

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Well, first step would be to look in the documentation for the Motorola MC3000. I don't know if there is one for the MC3000 but I know that in the Motorola EMDK for .Net they provide quite a few sample C# VS2008 projects and a couple of them are for barcode reading.

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Kobunite has posted you the first step. So go to the download page of the Motorola EMDK an watch the examples. After that you have to reference the Symbol.dll and Symbol.Barcode.dll in your project (local copy = true). Then you can begin to write your "barcode-class" with an event-handler for the scan-event. When a barcode is scanned via the hardware-trigger the event will throw an then you can place the barcode-string in your focused textbox or do something else with it (e.g. filtering in a datagrid). Hope this helps.

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