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I'm running queries against SQL servers using invoke-sqlcmd and invoke-sqlcmd2.

Is there a way to change the ApplicationName that it runs as? When I run a profiler trace, I see the queries are run by ".Net SqlClient Data Provider", and I'd like to change that.

Any help greatly appreciated

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Okay, futzed with the invoke-sqlcmd2 script by Chad Miller and came up with this:

Line 45, after "datarow" I added a comma, then:

[Parameter(Position=9, Mandatory=$false)] [string]$ApplicationName='Powershell'

Then modified the connection strings (about line 54):

if ($Username) 
{ $ConnectionString = "Server={0};Database={1};User ID={2};Password={3};Application Name={5};Trusted_Connection=False;Connect Timeout={4}" -f $ServerInstance,$Database,$Username,$Password,$ConnectionTimeout,$ApplicationName } 
{ $ConnectionString = "Server={0};Database={1};Integrated Security=True;Application Name={3};Connect Timeout={2}" -f $ServerInstance,$Database,$ConnectionTimeout,$ApplicationName } 

The default Appname is now "Powershell", but can be changed by using the -ApplicationName parameter.

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Include Application Name=MyAppName; in your connection string, and that will be what shows up in the profiler.

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There is no way to specify a connectionstring with Invoke-SQLCmd or Invoke-SQLCmd2 as far as I can tell. So you'd have to use System.Data.SqlClient directly. – alroc Feb 22 '13 at 18:30
@alroc thanks. Was worth a shot. May have to mod invoke-sqlcmd/2 and add that to it. THANKS. – mbourgon Feb 23 '13 at 4:30

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