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I'm displaying a Popup in response to a button click (popup.IsOpen = true;). The popup contains a ComboBox, and when I click an item in the combobox, one of the things the SelectionChanged event does is to hide the popup.

The Popup appears over a DataGrid that I also have on my page, and I'm finding that the mouse-click on the combobox is also being picked up by a MouseUp event that I've got on the DataGrid. Any idea what's going on?

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The MouseUp Event has a routing strategy of type Bubbling. Events that use this type of strategy get passed up the chain to parent controls. Since the Popup is a child of the DataGrid, the event will "bubble" up to the DataGrid. If you would rather the event not bubble, you can try using PreviewMouseUp, which has a Tunneling routing strategy, and will "tunnel" down the chain to child controls. Here is a decent overview of Routing Strategies.

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I've tried both MouseUp and PreviewMouseUp on the DataGrid, but with no success. Strangely, the popup also includes a button and I don't get a problem with that - only when clicking the combobox. – Andrew Stephens Feb 22 '13 at 20:15
@AndrewStephens: Hmm, that's weird... I experimented a bit on my own and my datagrid's MouseUp was not getting fired on the ComboBox click... the PreviewMouseUp event was firing though (I would've thought it would be the other way around). I also hid the popup when an item was selected. So I can't re-create the problem... interested in posting some code? – Mash Feb 22 '13 at 20:49

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