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So I got my Carrierwave Uploader which is pretty normal:

class ThumbFileUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base

  def store_dir

  process :resize_to_limit => [2000, 480]

In my model I got:

article.remote_thumbnail_url = article.picture_url

What I want to do is

  1. Tell carrierwave the dimensions to use for scaling from within my model
  2. Crop the image if it doesn't fit the exact dimensions after scaling

What's the best practice to accomplish that?

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I have had exactly the same problem.

You basically need to have your model store the original image dimensions when the file is first uploaded. You can then use these with jCrop to control the cropping process.

My carrier wave uploaded as this function

  def get_geometry
    if (@file)
      img = ::Magick::Image::read(@file.file).first
      @geometry = [ img.columns, img.rows ]

You have to do rather a lot in the Model, the uploader and in your views.

A full write up is on my web site at the link below.


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