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Mistyped code. Fix found

.tblmain td overrides an tr affects due to the DOM level. .tblmain tr should be used instead. If anyone wants to submit as an answer, I will accept. Thank you!

I am using the !important identifier in my CSS to be certain the background color of a tr is changed on hover.

The CSS for the tr is

.tblmain td {
    background-color: white;

then through a onmouseover event I use javascript as below


the hover css is below

.hover {
    cursor: pointer;
    background-color: #15b6b8 !important;

The background is still white on hover, but when the tr class is remove, the hover works as expected. I know !important is considered hacky in situations like these, so I am open to any suggestions including but not limited to using !important to make the predominant color the hover class.

Thanks in advance!

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use firebug to see who sets the background and also not sure $(this) points to anything , onmouseover isn't used in ages – max4ever Feb 22 '13 at 16:04
for what you need javascript at all? What is wrong with .tblmain tr:hover for a simple colorchange on hover? – Sven Bieder Feb 22 '13 at 16:04
you could do .tblmain tr.hover instead of using !important – Kevin B Feb 22 '13 at 16:05
@SvenBieder Does IE8 support :hover on tr's? (i can't remember anymore) – Kevin B Feb 22 '13 at 16:05
@KevinB As long as you have a valid doctype IE8 should make no problems with the hover. – Sven Bieder Feb 22 '13 at 16:07

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So you're adding a class, but not removing it? Use toggleClass instead.

Further, using onmouseover is poor separation of code. Try this:

$('.tblmain').on('mouseover mouseout', 'tr', function(e) {

You might need to toggle the background-color of the td children instead, though. If there is a background-color applied to those, it can and will override the styles for the tr.

$('.tblmain').on('mouseover mouseout', 'tr', function(e) {
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I remove the class using .removeClass("hover") on mouse out. I didn't include that portion because I didn't see it to be relevant to the issue at hand. That is covered though. – steventnorris Feb 22 '13 at 16:10
Well, there should be no problem that I can see. Try creating a self-contained instance on or use your browser's DOM browser to examine the CSS and find out why it's not being applied as expected. – Blazemonger Feb 22 '13 at 16:11
Updated answer. – Blazemonger Feb 22 '13 at 16:25

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