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I can't manage to Marshal.load a Marshal.dumped instance of subclass of an Hash:

class MarshalDumpableHash < Hash

  def initialize(constructor = {})
    if constructor.is_a?(Hash)

  def marshal_dump
    p self

  def marshal_load(hash)
    p hash


h = { asd: 'ciao' }

p MarshalDumpableHash.new(h) #=> {:asd=>"ciao"}
p Marshal.dump(MarshalDumpableHash.new(h)) #=> "\x04\bU:\x18MarshalDumpableHash@\x00"

p Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(MarshalDumpableHash.new(h))) #=> {} WHY?

It sounds strange to me that the p self inside the marshal_dump method prints {:asd=>"ciao"}, while the one inside the marshal_load method prints {}

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A method marshal_dump returning self is not a usecase for using marshal_dumpand marshal_load, since the built-in dumping and loading does that. So if you just want to marshal self, you do not have to write any customized marshal_dump or marshal_load.

class Subclassed < Hash

s = Subclassed.new
s[:foo] = :bar
Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(s)).class #=> Subclassed

These methods are for usecases when you do have surplus information on the object you do not want to reload when loading a dumped object. This is in order to save space. For Example:

class Subclassed < Hash

  attr_reader :surplus_info

  def initialize(surplus_info)
    @surplus_info = surplus_info

  def marshal_dump

  def marshal_load other

Without the marshal_dump and the marshal_load, the resulting marshalled string will be:


Which has the surplus info. With the marshal load and dump, you will be able to reduce the marshaled string:


This is the purpose of these methods. Also, the ruby doc states:

marshal_dump may result in smaller Marshal strings.

Also, the doc is a bit vague about using marshal_dump:

When dumping an object the method marshal_dump will be called. marshal_dump must return a result containing the information necessary for marshal_load to reconstitute the object. The result can be any object.

It should maybe read "The result can be any object besides self". What I do not know if the behaviour ruby shows when returning self in marshal_dump is really intentional (At least an error would be nice), or if it just got forgotten since it is not really a usecase.

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I didn't think about the fact that returning self inside marshal_dump could be a problem... thank you – mdesantis Feb 25 '13 at 8:46

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