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I want to add an image in my XML Layout File in Magento theme. I have tried many things but they didn't work. I have following code to modify:

<action method="addLink" translate="label title" module="groupdeals" ifconfig="groupdeals/facebook_connect/enabled"><label>Login with Facebook</label><url helper="groupdeals/getConnectUrl"/><title>Connect with Facebook</title><prepare/><urlParams/><position>110</position><liParams/><aParams><rel>facebook-connect</rel></aParams></action>  

What I want is to replace "Login with Facebook" text with an image. Image is on my website root i.e. www.myweb.com/login.png.

I would be thankful if someone could help me in this matter.


Dr. Khawar

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Pesonally I would change




then hide the text with css and app a background image.

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You should be able to do this with a core/text block. For example:

<block type="core/text" name="facebook-link">
            <action method="addText">
                    <a href="#"><img src="/login.png" /></a>
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