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I'm trying to find a way to build up a parameter to pass to this function (which is part of pallet):

(defn node-spec [& {:keys [image hardware location network qos] :as options}]
  {:pre [(or (nil? image) (map? image))]}

What works is this kind of usage :

(node-spec :location {:location-id "eu-west-1a"}, :image {:image-id "eu-west-1/ami-937474e7"} :network {})

but the :location and :image bits of this are common to all machines I want to provision whereas the :network {} bit is different for each node. So I want to factor the common bit out and do something like this:

(def my-common-location-and-image {:location {:location-id "eu-west-1a"}, :image {:image-id "eu-west-1/ami-937474e7"}} )
(node-spec (merge {:network {:security-groups [ "group1" ] }} my-common-location-and-image ))
(node-spec (merge {:network {:security-groups [ "group1" ] }} my-common-location-and-image ))

but this doesn't work. The merged map is parsed as a single key missing its value. So I tried

(node-spec :keys (merge {:network {:security-groups [ "group1" ] }} my-common-location-and-image ))


(node-spec :options (merge {:network {:security-groups [ "group1" ] }} my-common-location-and-image ))

but that doesn't work either. I feel like I'm trying to reverse or get past the destructuring in the node-spec parameters. What am I doing wrong? Or is my goal of factoring out some of the key/value pairs impossible?

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The problem is that the node-spec function is expecting a sequence rather than a map. This is because what gets destructured is a sequence of things that can be grouped in key-value pairs.

So, instead of passing this:

{:image {:image-id "eu-west-1/ami-937474e7"}, :location {:location-id "eu-west-1a"}, :network {:security-groups ["group1"]}}

We need to pass this:

'(:image {:image-id "eu-west-1/ami-937474e7"} :location {:location-id "eu-west-1a"} :network {:security-groups ["group1"]})

Which means that this will work:

(apply node-spec
       (reduce concat
               (merge {:network {:security-groups ["group1"]}}
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Yes, your point about expecting a sequence is what I was missing I think. But (concat {:k "value"}) produces ([{:k "value"}]) which isn't quite there yet? – Chris F Carroll Feb 22 '13 at 19:00
(concat {:k "value"}) and (apply concat {:k "value"}) have very different effects - try it out in the REPL to see what I mean. I could just have easily written (reduce concat {:k "value"}) - perhaps that would make it clearer (yields the same result). – Scott Lowe Feb 22 '13 at 19:11
Okay, I've changed apply concat to reduce concat for clarity of intent - but the effect is the same. – Scott Lowe Feb 22 '13 at 19:18
I see what you mean. ta, Chris – Chris F Carroll Feb 22 '13 at 19:28

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