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I'm writing a simple JavaScript application that generates a Mandlebrot set fractal in an HTML5 canvas element. The algorithm to generate the graphic is easily parallelizable, so I'm using WebWorkers to cut the screen up into more manageable chunks. I'm running into some issues when I spawn large numbers of WebWorkers, though, and it seems to be browser specific:

Chrome: Generating between 32 and 64 WebWorkers kills the page. The strange part is the WebWorkers don't seem to be being destroyed once they finish executing. For example, if I run the simulation once with 32 WebWorkers, I have no problems, but if I re-run the simulation (without reloading the page), the page dies.

Firefox: It seems that Firefox just gives up after spawning a certain number of WebWorkers, and it's less than 32. A set number of the WebWorkers finish, and the rest seem to exist in some limbo state, never finishing execution. I don't get any ouput in Firebug's error console.

Safari: Safari is the only browser that seems to flawlessly spawn large numbers of WebWorkers. No problems here.

IE: Who cares?

Does anyone have a solution to any of these browser-specific issues, or at least know what's causing these problems?

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Workers (as these background scripts are called herein) are relatively heavy-weight, and are not intended to be used in large numbers. -> source – williamC Feb 22 '13 at 17:03
It would seem as if different browsers reach different limits as you seem to have found out. Relevant question here. – Anthony Clark Feb 22 '13 at 17:05
Can you link to your page? It sounds like your workers aren't terminating or something..... – Boris Zbarsky Feb 23 '13 at 5:59
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do you have worker.terminate(); statements to shut down the workers when they're done? This can definitely be a blocker.

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