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For many car fanatics, it's quite easy to identify the make, model, trim level, and sometimes year of a car. While this is a manageable task for a human (given some training data, passion, and experience), I'm curious about the state-of-the-art computer vision methods for this problem.

There are tons of algorithms that are able to identify "this is/isn't a car." However, I want to identify the make, model, and possibly trim level of cars, selected from all the car models that have been mass produced in the last 20-30 years. To make this more concrete, I'm looking for libraries, algorithms, or research results for problems like this:

  • Easy: Given a side and/or front view of a car, identify its make and model (and perhaps generation, if not the exact production year). For example, identify the image below as "2006-2008 Mazda MX-5 Miata." Bonus points for recognizing that, based on the wheels and interior color, this is the Grand Touring trim level of the car.
    2006 Mazda Miata Grand Touring
  • Harder: Given an obscured, blurred, or otherwise degraded image of a car, identify its make and model. For low-quality images like the one below, car enthusiasts sometimes give a range of responses. For less obscured images, car enthusiasts tend to give a unanimous answer. My hunch is that this car is a 1997-2000 Lexus GS.
    Possibly a 1997-2000 Lexus GS
  • Not sure if easy or hard: given just a small region like a taillight, a shifter, or a door handle, give as much information as possible about the car. Some humans are pretty good at this task.

Are there any suggestions for computer vision libraries, algorithms, or other work that addresses some of these problems?

Before posting on StackOverflow, I did some searching. Here are a few related things that I found:

  1. "A Real-Time Car Recognition System," WACV 2011. Uses SIFT features and a bag-of-words model. Caveat: only tested on a dataset with 20 models of cars. I'm hoping to do fine-grained detection of trim level and year, with hundreds of car models.
  2. Identifying license plates
  3. "Robust classification and tracking of vehicles in traffic video streams", IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2006. Coarse classification (sedan, semi, truck/suv/van) using PCA.

Motivation: I'm a car enthusiast, I've been dabbling in computer vision research, and I think this is an interesting problem. My computer vision colleagues haven't had a lot of suggestions for where to get started on this. I'd like to implement a system for this if it doesn't already exist.

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Very interesting; I've played with this problem as well and was similarly surprised by the incomplete current work. Want to chat about it? –  Jason Morton Feb 26 '13 at 20:16
had you implemented this system? need help –  Ayush Pandey Jan 24 at 13:40

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A Codebook-free and Annotation-free Approach for Fine-Grained Image Categorization

  • They used this to categorize birds. The dataset they used had 200 different bird species, and they used 15 training images per species.
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