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I want do to word by word animation on a document. My document may be .doc .html .ppt. I think a macro in .doc may do a better job.

When the document is displayed I want to animate word by word by highlighting a word.

When I am speaking word should highlight and move to next word. This way I can sync my voice with the words.

I tried animation in PowerPoint but it displays word by word and it does not allow whole text to appear and then move around words.

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Linking an animation such as highlighting of text to a sound file is allowed in epub 3.0; details can be found in the IDPF's spec, in the Media Overlay section. The first thing that you will need to do is mark up the text at your required level of granularity--by word, it sounds like. So the xhtml should look like:

<p><span id="word1>This</span> <span id="word2">is</span> <span id="word3">a</span> <span id="word4">sample</span>.</p>

You'll also need the audio file in the epub, of course, and then a .smil file to link the two together. The .smil file looks like:

<par id="first">
  <text src="book.xhtml#word1"/>
  <audio src="audio/audio.mp3" clipBegin="0s" clipEnd="0.65s"/>
<par id="second">
  <text src="book.xhtml#word2"/>
  <audio src="audio/audio.mp3" clipBegin="0.66s" clipEnd="1.4s"/>

You'll have to include the media-overlay attribute for the xhtml file in the manifest in the content.opf as well:

<item id="book" href="book.xhtml" media-type="application/zhtml+xml" media-overlay="smil-file"/>
<item id="smil-file" href="book_audio.smil" media-type="application/smil+xml"/>
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