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I have a very large <1165900 x 1 cell> 'a' that I want to convert into datenum. I've done this somehow before but it has stopped working for me. Instead, I get the following error now:

Error using datenum (line 179)
DATENUM failed.

Caused by:
    Error using dtstr2dtnummx
    Failed on converting date string to date number.

I've just written this as the code:

b = datenum(a, 'dd.mm.yyyy HH.MM.SS.FFF');

Does anyone know what I've done wrong?

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The syntax into datenum is correct, are you certain that a is formatted correctly?

Here is some code I used to verify the syntax into datenum was correct:

%define format string
fmt = 'dd.mm.yy HH.MM.SS';

%create dateString using current time
dStr = datestr(now, fmt);

%convert num to string with datenum
dNum = dateNum(dStr, fmt);
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