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I'm trying to test the following code using rr:

response = RestClient.get(url, {:params => params}){|response, request, result| response }

In vanilla rspec, you would do something like this:

RestClient.should_receive(:get).with(url, {:params => params}).and_yield(response, request, result)

How would I do the same with rr?


let(:url) { "http://localhost/" }
let(:params) { {:item_id => 1234, :n => 5} }
let(:response) { Object.new }
let(:request) { Object.new }
let(:result) { Object.new }

I've tried a bunch of variations on:

mock(RestClient).get(url, {:params => params}) { response, request, result }


mock(RestClient).get(url, {:params => params}, &proc/lambda{}).return(result)


mock(RestClient).get(url, {:params => params}).yields(response, request, result)


mock(RestClient).get(url, {:params => params}).returns do |proc_as_block|

but none of them work.

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Finally got it. This pull request helped: https://github.com/btakita/rr/pull/82

mock(RestClient).get(url, {:params => params}).yields(response, request, result) { response }
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Thx, you helped with this answer, another example of using rr yields. –  zhon Oct 5 '13 at 18:44

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