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I have some javascript that generates an html string, then passes it to some more javascript that I do not control, where all whitespace is collapsed (don't ask).

I would like to maintain my whitespace across this transformation, by changing the whitespace to a character (I've been using periods) and using a span to set the text color to be the same as the background. This text can't be highlighted, so this is a reasonably accurate whitespace substitute

I'm trying to develop a regex that will allow me to do a transformation like this

"a b c" -> `"a...b.c"

I know I can take care of the simple case by simply replacing every single space with the <span>.</span> like this str.replace(/s/g,"<span class="whitespace">.</span>) but I'd really prefer to remove the excess tags and match each group of whitespace instead of having an individual span tag for each space.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I was able to do it like this:

var str=name.replace(/\s+/g,'<span class="whitespace">$&</span>');
return str;
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Have you tried convert all whitespace to &nbsp; ?

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yep. that gets compressed by the library that I'm passing it to. –  Ben McCormick Feb 22 '13 at 18:03
How about &#160; ? –  inDream Feb 22 '13 at 18:16

How about this: three steps.

  1. Match all white space of 3 or more. Replace the 'inside' spaces.


  2. Match all single white spaces not preceded by a period.


  3. Match span followed by dots.


(My regex-fu is only brown belt so you might need to adjust for some escapes or such).

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