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I'm trying to do a macro on freemarker, but I'm having problems to implement css class as parameter. My object have some default css classes and I would like to add optional classes.

<#macro Button href extra...>
    <a href="${href}" class="ui-button"
    <#list extra?keys as attr>
    >Anchor Button</a>

1) <@Button href="link.html"></@Button>
2) <@Button href="link.html" id="button1" class="marginrightnone"></@Button>

The line 2) only is rendering the "id" parameter. If I delete class="ui-button" of the macro, then it renders correctly.

What I could to do to render two or more class parameters???

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You need to construct a string containing all the class parameters and use that as the value of a single HTML class attribute in the template.

You can't have an arbitrary number of class attribute/value pairs and still be legal HTML.

The simplest that would be basically what you have now would be to create a local with the "ui-button" value in it. As you iterate over extra?keys check for a "class" key and if found, append it to the local class (along with a leading space). The template would use that constructed value:

<a href="${href}" classes="${local_classes}"
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Thx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – claudioivp Feb 23 '13 at 5:28

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