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require() works based on the script path. fs.open() works on the invocation (current shell) path.

Let's say i have the tree:


and the contents for test.js:

var myMod = require('../dirC2/include_me.js');
var fs = require('fs');

Regardless of the current path I am when i execute phantomjs $PATH/test.js the require will succeed, and the fs.open will fail (unless $PATH is dirC)

Is there any way to make fs.open() behave as require()?

I'm thinking something like fs.open( phantomjs.getScriptPath() + '../dirC2/open_me.js' ); but my searchfoo failed to find anything to fill in for the made-up getScriptPath method there.

Edit: posting here the workaround i'm using in case the answer is "No".

 * Opens a file relative to the script path.
 * this solves an inconsistency between require() and fs.open()
exports.getScriptPath = function( newPath ){
    var script, scriptPath;
    script = exports.system.args[0];
    scriptPath = script.replace(/\/[^\/]+$/, '') // removes everything from 
    //                                              the last "/" until the end of
    //                                              the line, non-greedy
    return scriptPath + '/';

this is used in a utility module i have. Also it assumes you are calling a script (won't work well if you use said module in an interactive phantomjs session) and unix style paths. if you're using windows, just add \ to the regexp. then it's used like:

filehandle = exports.fs.open( exports.getScriptPath() + '../dirC2/open_me.js', 'r' );
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