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my goal is to print my Table as close with even spaces between each col.

(defn PrintTable [tableName]
  "prints table in clear format"
  (let [tableRef (get (deref dataBase) tableName) ; get refrence for table
        keyList (keys @tableRef)] ; get key list of table
    (doseq [tableKeys (range (count keyList))] ; print the keys of the table
      (let [key (nth (keys @tableRef) tableKeys)]
        (print key "\t|"))
    (doseq [rows (range (count @(tableRef (nth (keys @tableRef) 0))))] ; print for each rows all the values
      (doseq [cols (range (count keyList))]
        (let [key (nth (keys @tableRef) cols)]
          (print (@(tableRef key) rows) "\t|")

i have tried using tab however this is the out come i get:

P_Id    |LastName   |FirstName  |Address    |City   |
1   |Darmon     |Gilad  |ishayahu   |Haifa  |
2   |SM     |Shiran     |erez   |RamatIshay     |

D_Id    |Name   |OwnerLastName  |OwnerFirstName     |
a   |Bono   |Darmon     |Gilad  |
b   |Bony   |SM     |Shiran     |

any suggestion for a nicer and aligned print?

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use format to make the cols line up:

user> (println (format "%20s %20s %20s\n%20s %20s %20s" 
                 "short" "medium" "reallylong" 
                 "reallylong" "medium" "short"))

               short               medium           reallylong
          reallylong               medium                short

or left justify with %-20s

user> (println (format "%-20s %-20s %-20s\n%-20s %-20s %-20s" 
                        "short" "medium" "reallylong" 
                        "reallylong" "medium" "short")) 

short                medium               reallylong 
reallylong           medium               short 
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Formatting options link –  A. Webb Feb 22 '13 at 18:53
format "%-20s" exactly what i needed –  Gilad Feb 22 '13 at 19:12
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(defn print-table [res]
  (let [headers (map name (keys (first res)))
        table (concat [headers] (map vals res))
        trans-table (apply map vector table)
        cols-width (map #(apply max (map (comp count str) %))
    (doseq [row table]
       (apply format
              (str "|" (apply str (str/join "|" (map #(str "%-" % "s")

(print-table res)
=> |P_Id|LastName|FirstName|Address |City      |
   |1   |Darmon  |Gilad    |ishayahu|Haifa     |
   |2   |SM      |Shiran   |erez    |RamatIshay|
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This might be helpful:


Alpha - subject to change. Prints a collection of maps in a textual table. Prints table headings ks, and then a line of output for each row, corresponding to the keys in ks. If ks are not specified, use the keys of the first item in rows.

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