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I have a need to keep 3 branches in 3 separate folders. (I know this is not a git way of doing things. But I need to do this for a reason).

Lets say the repo name is my_proj_repo.git I have created a folder called prodv1 in my local system:

git clone url:/my_proj_repo.git

Now I went into prodv1 folder and copied the files from a server, then:

git commit -am "initial import"
git push origin master

That pushed the files to master. Now I created two more folders like the above in my local system


I want to create two local and remote branches with the names:

staging // this local branch points (push/pull) to staging remote branch
dev     // this local branch points ((push/pull) to dev remote branch

And these two branches should be in the corresponding folders:

staging ==> stagingv1 folder
dev     ==> devv1 folder

I tried a few things and I guess I messed it up. Can someone point me commands/steps to get all this setup like I wanted?

What I did was, went into the stagingv1 folder and did a git clone <repo>. But it defaults to master. And I am not sure how to initialize the staging branch here.

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How is it not the "git way of doing things"? Separate projects should be their own branch, if not a new repository. Otherwise having different projects on the same branch will clutter history with other projects' history. – NoBugs Oct 24 '13 at 4:33
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I think that you might have to create all the branch in your repo

$ git branch <name_of_your_new_branch>

Then create all your folders and in each of your folder Clone the repo but Checkout the appropriate branches.

Each folder should / may track only the appropriate branch

Step 1 $ git branch [name_branch#1]

Step 2 $ git branch [name_branch#2]

Step 3 $ git branch [name_branch#3]


Step 4 $ git push --all
Step 5 md Folder #2
Step 6 $ git clone [URL]
Step 7 $ git checkout [name_branch]
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Can you please write the git command steps? – Kevin Rave Feb 22 '13 at 18:49
Awesome Thanks! – Kevin Rave Feb 22 '13 at 19:00
@KevinRave I wrote the step, you might have to adjust the commands but I think the ideas is there. – JudgeProphet Feb 22 '13 at 19:00

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