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I am working on building a fairly complex notification system for a project and I would like to figure out the best way to store templates for the various types of notifications in the database.

I have found a few similar posts Using a variable to store a knockout template suggests loading all of the possible templates into the DOM before binding the viewmodel. This solution would work, but doesn't seem to scale very well. Does knockout provide a way to load a template based on an ajax call?

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Knockout has extensibility points that allow you to add your own template engine or your custom template sources.

I have had several projects where I use this functionality to create a template engine that defaults to looking in a JavaScript object first for a template string. There are a number of ways that you could do it. Here is the way that I implemented mine: https://github.com/rniemeyer/SamplePresentation/blob/master/js/stringTemplateEngine.js.

After loading your template from the server, you would then just do:

ko.templates[templateName] = response;

At any time you could easily remove the template from this object.

Here is a working sample: http://jsfiddle.net/rniemeyer/erytN/

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I like this solution, it is very clean, thanks!. Now that I can load templates via ajax, is it possible to use a separate template for each li in a ul that has been bound with a foreach? –  mcottingham Feb 22 '13 at 20:07
Yes, the template name can be determined dynamically via a function. Here is a sample: plnkr.co/edit/yfQAnM?p=preview (jsFiddle is not working for me at the moment). –  RP Niemeyer Feb 22 '13 at 20:17
That is awesome! That is so powerful, thank you sir! –  mcottingham Feb 22 '13 at 20:23

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