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I'm having lots of difficulty prototyping my themes. Everything out there takes css values of some sort and then compiles it, is there a tool or something sencha has that can make me see what im making?

How does everyone make their theme when creating their sencha touch 2 apps? Is using sass the recommended way for this even though its so trial and error/look better? Does Sencha Architect let me do this?

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To try out SASS without really changing and compiling your project styles, you can use this online tool to visualize how it would look like :


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I'd suggest you make use of SASS since it's not only the correct way to style your own Sencha Touch theme but also provide you some powerful global CSS variables and mixins that you cannot easily achieve through normal css.

By using SASS, you need to install SASS and Compass. Follow this helpful tutorial on how to do it:


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