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Similar question to: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/903488/strange-problem-with-jdbc-select-returns-null but people didn't ask for this.

My code:

public int myMethod(String day) throws SQLException{
  String sql = "Select count(*) from MyTable WHERE someColumn = " + day;
  Connection connection = ConnFactory.get();
  PreparedStatement prepareStatement = null;
  ResultSet resultSet = null;
  int ret = -1;
      prepareStatement = connection.prepareStatement(sql);
      resultSet = prepareStatement.executeQuery(sql);
          ret = resultSet.getInt(1);
  catch(SQLException sqle){
      // closing statement & ResultSet, log and throw exception
     // closing statement & ResultSet

  return ret;

This code always return 0. I try to log sql before execution and try to run it in SQLdeveloper and get correct value (over 100). When I remove WHERE, sql = "Select count(*) from MyTable query return number of all rows in table. I use Oracle 10g with ojdbc-14.jar (last version from maven repo) and Java 6.

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If it returns 0, there are no rows matching your WHERE. Plain and simple. Run the same query in a client (e.g. SQLDeveloper) and see what the result is. –  Vladimir Dyuzhev Oct 1 '09 at 14:10

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day has not been quoted correctly, I would suggest using a prepared statement like a prepared statement as follows:

try {
    prepareStatement = connection.prepareStatement("Select count(*) from MyTable WHERE someColumn = ?");

is the same as:

sql = "Select count(*) from MyTable WHERE someColumn = '" + day + "'";

with several advantages over the latter (mainly security and performance). See:


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First of all using sql like this is not advisable. Because it leads to SQL injection.

In the future try using like below and use PreparedStatement to execute

String sql = "Select count(*) from MyTable WHERE someColumn = ? "

For your solution did you try

String sql = "Select count(*) from MyTable WHERE someColumn = '" + day + "'";
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karim79 is good answer, you forgot add apostrophe signs in your "day" value

String sql = "Select count(*) from MyTable WHERE someColumn = '" + day + "'";
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