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I have successfully inserted data in to a table using following class, but I don’t know how to access those data. Also, I want to put data table and their column content in the array list like

public class SQLiteAdapter {

 public static final String MYDATABASE_NAME = "MY_DATABASE";
 public static final String MYDATABASE_TABLE = "MY_TABLE";
 public static final int MYDATABASE_VERSION = 1;
 public static final String KEY_ID = "_id";
 public static final String KEY_CONTENT1 = "Content1";
 public static final String KEY_CONTENT2 = "Content2";
 public static final String KEY_CONTENT3 = "Content3";
 public static final String KEY_CONTENT4 = "Content4";

 //create table MY_DATABASE (ID integer primary key, Content text not null);
 private static final String SCRIPT_CREATE_DATABASE =
  "create table " + MYDATABASE_TABLE + " ("
  + KEY_ID + " integer primary key autoincrement, "
  + KEY_CONTENT1 + " text not null, "
  + KEY_CONTENT2 + " text not null, "
  + KEY_CONTENT3 + " text not null, "
  + KEY_CONTENT4 + " text not null);";

 private SQLiteHelper sqLiteHelper;
 private SQLiteDatabase sqLiteDatabase;

 private Context context;

 public SQLiteAdapter(Context c){


 public SQLiteAdapter openToRead() throws android.database.SQLException {
  sqLiteHelper = new SQLiteHelper(context, MYDATABASE_NAME, null, MYDATABASE_VERSION);
  sqLiteDatabase = sqLiteHelper.getReadableDatabase();
  return this; 

 public SQLiteAdapter openToWrite() throws android.database.SQLException {
  sqLiteHelper = new SQLiteHelper(context, MYDATABASE_NAME, null, MYDATABASE_VERSION);
  sqLiteDatabase = sqLiteHelper.getWritableDatabase();
  return this; 

 public void close(){

 public long insert(String content1, String content2, String content3, String content4){

  ContentValues contentValues = new ContentValues();
  contentValues.put(KEY_CONTENT1, content1);
  contentValues.put(KEY_CONTENT2, content2);
  contentValues.put(KEY_CONTENT3, content3);
  contentValues.put(KEY_CONTENT4, content4);

  return sqLiteDatabase.insert(MYDATABASE_TABLE, null, contentValues);

 public int deleteAll(){
  return sqLiteDatabase.delete(MYDATABASE_TABLE, null, null);

 public Cursor queueAll(){
  String[] columns = new String[]{KEY_ID, KEY_CONTENT1, KEY_CONTENT2, KEY_CONTENT3, KEY_CONTENT4};
  Cursor cursor = sqLiteDatabase.query(MYDATABASE_TABLE, columns,
    null, null, null, null, null);

  return cursor;

 public class SQLiteHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper {

  public SQLiteHelper(Context context, String name,
    CursorFactory factory, int version) {
   super(context, name, factory, version);

  public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {
   // TODO Auto-generated method stub

  public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase db, int oldVersion, int newVersion) {
   // TODO Auto-generated method stub
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To have access to a database, try this.

First you must be having a class that extends your SQLiteOpenHelper. Create a new class which extends SQLiteOpenHelper and call them in main database opening class.

Here you go add these two chunks and call them in you onCreate method

public Cursor getShow()
    SQLiteDatabase db = obj.getReadableDatabase();
    Cursor c = db.rawQuery("select * from emp", null);
    return c;

public Cursor getEvent(Cursor c)
    StringBuilder sb= new StringBuilder("Data Base:-");
        long id = c.getLong(0);
        String un = c.getString(1);
        String pw = c.getString(2);
        String ut = c.getString(3);
    return c;

This fetches three columns that i have created earlier and display them on TextView. Now call these method in onCreate().

Cursor c = getShow();

It works for me every time.

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thanks @kirk :) –  Dr. aNdRO Feb 22 '13 at 20:33

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