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I am trying to get a simple web page server from within a Google Chrome Packaged App. There is already a UDP server running within the app and working without any problems.

I am starting the socket.listen on and copying most of the code from


. The same issue is replicated in the sample app.

What I am doing is accepting the request and sending a single HTML file to all requests which have some data in the request (request.data.length > 0). The flow of the app is similar to the sample app with near-equivalent functions.

To test this I am using Socket Test 3.0 (from SourceForge). Creating a socket to and sending it GET / HTTP/1.1 as the content. As intended the Chrome App responds with the html file and correct headers. I can repeat this multiple times without restarting the App. The problem arises when the App is sent a request through Chrome. On first look it works as intended, but then it Time Out on refresh. This is also replicated in the sample app.

On debugging I found that every thing was being handles. The write socket being destroyed and a socket.accept(serverSocket, ...) being issued. I also made sure that it was done inside the callback function of the socket.write. The first request as intended is for the page requested (GET / HTTP/1.1 for localhost:8080). Second was for favicon.ico as GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1. And then a third connection with none in data (which is then ignored and socket destroyed). Unlike in the SocketTest where every request was answered back.

I have created a video showing the screencast while reproducing the error on YouTube. Also the repo for the project that I'm working on is at GitHub.

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I had the same issues with google's sample web server. I wrote a more robust socket server app that does not hang. The source is on github at https://github.com/kzahel/web-server/chrome and you can install it from the chrome web store at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/web-server-for-chrome/ofhbbkphhbklhfoeikjpcbhemlocgigb

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