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I've just set up Fedora Commons on a webserver, and now I want to import 5 GB of XML files into it. Is there a way to do this without having to go through the web interface, eg. Some directory I can just copy the files into after performing some operation to make them readable by Fedora Commons?

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go to

fedora Home Folder - > client - > bin - > or fedora-admin.bat

run it, it will ask you for fedora port(8080) and password(fedoraAdmin) etc.

Fedora Login

go to File menu - > Ingest - > Multiple Objects - > From Directory

fedora directory import

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Is the XML data new content you want to ingest or FOXML content you are importing from another Fedora Commons server?

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No, it's some proprietary format made up about 10 years ago – Daniel Feb 28 '13 at 21:27

Fedora has a batch import function available from its Java GUI, which you can start from the command line:

$FEDORA_HOME/client/bin/ (or fedora-admin.bat if you're on Windows).

You need to generate FOXML or METS XML files for the objects you want to ingest however, so XSLT may be in order.

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