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Feel like I'm doing this right, but apparently not.

I have a restful resource, Posts, with index, show, new, update, edit, etc actions in the controller. In routes, I have

resources :posts

I wanted to make the index action occur at the URL '/archive' instead of '/posts'

So I added this line in the routes.rb file, after the resources one:

match '/archive', to: "posts#index"

But when I click on a link to posts_path, it still goes to /post (though if I type in /archive as a url, it works -- not ideal, though). Confused. Could this have to do with my having installed friendly_id?

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resources :posts, except: [:index]
get 'archive' => 'posts#index', as: :posts
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You need to use something like match '/archive', :to => 'posts#index', :as => 'archived'. Then you will have a new route to the tune of archived_posts_path. The method posts_path does not dynamically changed based on custom matchers. You can always run rake routes to see a list of routes for your site.

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