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I have one main table called Event_log which contains all of the records that I need for this query. Within this table there is one column that I'm calling "Grp". To simplify things, assume that there are only two possible values for this Grp: A and B. So now we have one table, Event_log, with one column "Grp" and one more column called "Actual Date". Lastly I want to add one more Flag column to this table, which works as follows.

First, I order all of the records in descending order by date as demonstrated below. Then, I want to flag each Group "A" row with a 1 or a 0. For all "A" rows, if the previous record (earlier in date) = "B" row then I want to flag 1. Otherwise flag a 0. So this initial table looks like this before setting this flag:

Actual Date         Grp           Flag
1-29-13             A
12-27-12           B
12-26-12           B
12-23-12           A
12-22-12           A

But after these calculations are done, it should look like this:

Actual Date         Grp           Flag
1-29-13             A              1
12-27-12           B               NULL
12-26-12           B               NULL
12-23-12           A               0
12-22-12           A               0

How can I do this? This is simpler to describe than it is to query!

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You can use something like:

select el.ActualDate
  , el.Grp
  , Flag = case 
    when el.grp = 'B' then null
    when prev.grp = 'B' then 1
    else 0
from Event_log el
  outer apply
    select top 1 prev.grp
    from Event_log prev
    where el.ActualDate > prev.ActualDate
    order by prev.ActualDate desc
  ) prev
order by el.ActualDate desc

SQL Fiddle with demo.

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This was some really sweet code! Thanks, Ian. –  salvationishere Feb 25 '13 at 22:20
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Try this

;with cte as

  SELECT CAST('01-29-13' As DateTime) ActualDate,'A' Grp
  UNION ALL SELECT '12-27-12','B'
  UNION ALL SELECT '12-26-12','B'
  UNION ALL SELECT '12-23-12','A'
  UNION ALL SELECT '12-22-12','A'
, CTE2 as 
  SELECT *, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (order by actualdate desc) rn
  FROM cte
SELECT a.*, 
 when A.Grp = 'A' THEN 
      CASE WHEN b.Grp = 'B' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
END Flag   
from cte2 a
LEFT OUTER JOIN CTE2 b on a.rn + 1 = b.rn
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