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I have an external svn+ssh// url to all projects. How can I access them?

I'm working on windows, I know I should use TortoiseSVN. What exactly should I do to download these files from the repos?

I need quite immediate help, so I would be very glad (and feeling obligated to buy you some good polish vodka ofc :D) if you could just write me a couple of points on what should I do step-by-step?

(all tutorials I've found were describing setting the server up, not accessing it specifically...)

EDIT. And please don't blame me for asking such question, I'm doing this cause I don't wanna mess up anything and end up with all repositories deleted :P

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possible duplicate of TortoiseSVN - export through ssh – Lazy Badger Feb 23 '13 at 2:33

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There's a nice tutorial here. Essentially, you set up PuTTY to connect to the target server via SSH and then TortoiseSVN utilizes that configured PuTTY session for the SSH connection.

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