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read many posts but still confused.. So,

I want to make something like this -a single user have multiple friends. for example user

user_id->U1 , frdlist->U2,U3,U4

So, for this I have a table named user having user_id as primary key AND a table named frdlist having user_id and frd_ids, I am confused how to make frdlist table. In this user_id and frds_ids column both are foreign keys referring to the same column(user_id) of the parent table(user) .

How to make this. plz help. I am using oracle 11g .

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You seem to have the right idea, there's no problem having more than one column being the foreign key referring to the same primary key. –  Neil Feb 22 '13 at 23:37
Please find the link for sqlfiddle link.This is how your requirement works.Dont be confused about this.The first thing you must do ,to try what you want ,and if that not works ask here in SO.As mentioned by Neil,there is no problem with your approach ,Enjoy:) –  Gaurav Soni Feb 23 '13 at 0:45

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It is simple. Your schema would be

user (
    user_id       PRIMARY KEY
  , first_name
  , middle_name
  , last_name

frduser (
    friendshipid  PRIMARY KEY
  , user_id       FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES user(user_id)
  , friend_id     FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES user(user_id)

A unique constraint on (user_id, friend_id) of frduser would not be sufficient as it will look for a unique combination of values, not unique values. You will need to write a DML trigger on frduser that would prevent any insert / update / delete of duplicate user-friend values.

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