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When a subclass overrides a baseclass's method, all of the baseclass's overloads are not available from the subclass. In order to use them there should be added a using BaseClass::Method; line in the subclass.

Is there a quick way to inheirt the baseclass's overloads for ALL of the overridden methods? (not needing to explicitly specify using ... for each method)

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No. It's only possible with a using declaration and that only works with the individual methods.

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I want to emphasize using declaration. This is the keyword to search for more details, as using is used in several different contexts in C++. –  gimpf Oct 1 '09 at 12:04

You can access base class's method, by explicitly specifying scope of the class when you want to call method...


class Base{
 public: void foo(){}

class Derived : public Base {
 public: void foo(int){}

int main()
    Derived d;
    *d.Base::foo();* // like this
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