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I am using CodeignIter and am looking to for a way to write a custom handling routine for a single controller when a called method does not exist.

Lets say you call

In the components controller, there is not a method called login, so instead of sending a 404 error, it would simply default to another method called default.

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Yes there is a solution. If you have Components controller and the flilename components.php. Write following code...


if (!defined('BASEPATH'))
    exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Components extends CI_Controller

    public function __construct()

    public function _remap($method, $params = array())
        if (method_exists(__CLASS__, $method)) {
        } else {

    // this method is exists
    public function test_method()
        echo "Yes, I am exists.";

    // this method is exists
    public function test_another($param1 = '', $param2 = '')
        echo "Yes, I am with " . $param1 . " " . $param2;

    // not exists - when you call /compontents/login
    public function test_default()
        echo "Oh!!!, NO i am not exists.";


Since default is PHP reserved you cannot use it so instead you can write your own default method like here test_default. This will automatically checks if method exists in your class and redirect accordingly. It also support parameters. This work perfectly for me. You can test yourself. Thanks!!

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