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Using JQuery how can I detect a click on any html list element of a certain list and also get the text within the li element?

For example I have the following list:

<ul id="mylist">

For example, if the user clicks on li element one then JQuery should detect this and also grab the string "one".

What I have done to try to solve the problem myself

I was thinking of giving each li element an id that began the same for example:

<li id='li-1'>one</li>
<li id='li-2'>two</li>
<li id='li-3'>three</li>

then doing the following (CoffeScript):

$('[id^="li-"]').click ->
  console.log $(this).html # should log one when user clicks on li-1 etc 

But this seems really inelegant and messy. Please could someone help me and teach me a better way to do this (and one that works, as my example doesn't work :( )

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Will this work? (with a demo)

$('#mylist li').on('click', function() {

Here the event is attached to all li elements inside the ul which as an id of "mylist", so this won't fire on any other li in your dom. Because the the event listener is attached to the li directly, calling $(this) gives you that element.

Or in CoffeeScript (and a demo)

$('#mylist li').click ->
  console.log $(this).html()
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