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I am brand new to BIRT reports, and I have a problem where i need to change the data set query text before the rendering of a chart. There will be multiple charts on this report with the same data set, but a modified parameter in the query text.

Is this possible with Chart event handling? Below is an example of what i am looking to do. Thanks in advance

 * Called before populating the series dataset using the DataSetProcessor.
 * @param series
 *            Series
 * @param idsp
 *            IDataSetProcessor
 * @param icsc
 *            IChartScriptContext

function beforeDataSetFilled( series, idsp, icsc )

this.queryText = "select from table where parameter = '"+params["Data"].value+"'"

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I believe you can do this with a dataSet parameter in the chart's dataSet binding.

You would create your dataSet with your query and leave the parameter unset:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE parameter = ?

And then in the chart's dataSet parameter binding, set it to the parameter you want.

enter image description here

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