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I'm learning my way around MacPorts, so I've been trying to use it to install all kinds of things. I noticed it has a port for Eclipse, so I installed it using

sudo port install eclipse-ecj32

And that installed the port and all its dependencies. But I have no clue what to do now! I don't see it installed in my LaunchPad anywhere.

Sooooo... what do I do? How do I make eclipse run?


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Thats not the actual IDE, thats the byte-code compiler... So its not a GUI application, its just a jar of the compiler i believe.

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So does that mean I need to go to the Eclipse webpage and download the IDE? Any recommendations on a good package to install for Python development? Apparently I want PyDev. And... what do I do with the byte-code compiler? –  polkid Feb 23 '13 at 1:47

Eclipse is not available via MacPorts. Likely this is because a native version is available to download for Mac.

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