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I use Google Map in my ios app and I like to show the location animation used in the Google Map.That animation is normally used for displaying the current location and is auto-resizing, i.e. the marker size is animated like self growing in light blue colour. I like to display that animation for my latitude and longitude positon. How can I program it? I don't have enough reputation to upload image. Thanks

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You should be able to just set myLocationEnabled, eg:

GMSMapView* mapView = ...;
mapView.myLocationEnabled = YES;
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No just like that is not enough. – Bryanyan Feb 23 '13 at 15:37

If you want the animation to your location use animateToLocation:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)location:

GMSMapView* mapView = ...;
mapView.myLocationEnabled = YES;
[mapView animateToLocation:mapView.myLocation];

or you can use animateToCameraPosition:(GMSCameraPosition *)cameraPosition to even adjust the zoom

GMSCameraPosition *cameraPosition = [GMSCameraPosition cameraWithTarget:mapView.myLocation zoom:14.0f;
[mapView animateToCameraPosition:cameraPosition];
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I think the OP is asking about the delay, he wants to see the map animated and scrolling/zooming to the current location, the iOS animation with animateToxxx is too fast and just looks ugly compared with android sdk. – Frederic Yesid Peña Sánchez Oct 7 '13 at 15:17
Is there a way to slow down the animation? – Ronaldo Campos Oct 2 '14 at 1:43

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