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I am trying to implement Devise and Ominauth for multiple providers. One scenario is: user sign in with Twitter for the first time without creating an account first.

To handle this, I redirect user from callback link (/auth/twitter/callback) to sign up page to fill in email address.

However, I want to bring authentication information from the callback link {:provider => "twitter", :uid =>"123"} to sign up page (new_registration_path). Then when user submit sign up form, the authentication will be captured together with account information.

How should I go about doing this? I've tried

redirect_to(new_user_session_path, {:service => service})

where service = {:provider => "twitter", :uid =>"123"} but service doesn't get passed through as a params.

What did I do wrong? Do I need to modify source code for Devise?

Thank you.

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You're probabbly looking for this:

redirect_to(new_user_session_path(:argument => "value"))

And in controller after redirect (probably UserSessions#new) you can access argument with:


You need to pass arguments to path helper not to redirect_to method.

In your example it should be:


And in controller after redirect (probably UserSessions#new) you can access argument with:



redirect_to(new_user_session_path(:service => service))


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