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I have an android application that would call the gallery so the user could pick pictures. But it returns to the precious activity with this error.

The application Camera( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

I have enaled a camera for the emulator, added 64 mb to the sd card. and it still doesn't work? Though I haven't added any image files as I don't know how but shouldn't it work normally? It shows a black background with a title on top "Gallery" then it crashes.

The function works properly for my tablet when I made an apk for it. But the problem is, I couldn't debug the other parts of the application on my tablet so I really need to make it run properly on the emulator to solve the other issues. Also, I can't connect my tablet on adb as it is China-made

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AFAIK there is no gallery app on the emulator. So you have to run it on a real device.

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Oh. How do I debug it then? – John Ernest Guadalupe Feb 23 '13 at 3:23
Use a real device or try installing the gallery app manually from here: – Ahmad Feb 23 '13 at 3:26

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