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So, I uses the swipey tabs activity provided for you when you create a new android project. I think I understand most of it. But I do not understand how to use them. Ok, so currently the only display a number in each tab. So, say my first tabs says thrmes. And I want that tab to display several buttons and maybe some text. How would I tell that tab to display this? I was thinking maybe first I create a new class that'll display the themes. Then, I'll use something like:

Intent i = new Intenet(this, ThemesClass); startActivity(i);

So, would that be correct? My main problem is this. I have no idea where to put this code. I need to do this for each tab, specifying a new class for each different tab. What I mean is, like a button, you set the Id for each button, add a OnClick Mthod, and then use a switch and case. Then you have that specidic button do something. But with the swipey tabs, the tabs don't have an id. How would I start an intent/activity for a specific tab. I know my question's confusing. Basically, have each specific tab do something...

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are you using ViewPager or Fragments?

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As I said, it is the premade activity given by eclipse. I'm not looking at it right now, but I'm positive there was a ViewPager... –  user2082169 Feb 23 '13 at 3:45

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