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I am going around in circles and tried so many different ways so I guess my core understanding is wrong. I would be grateful for help in understanding my encoding/decoding issues.

import urllib2

result = urllib2.urlopen("")
rawdata ='utf-8')

print "HEADER: " + str(

print "I want this to work ", rawdata.find('')
print "I dont want this to work ", rawdata.find('http:\/\/')

I guess what im getting isnt utf-8 even though the header seems to say it is. Or as a newbie to Python im doing something dumb. :(

Thanks for any help,


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I did try: chardet.detect(rawdata) {'confidence': 1.0, 'encoding': 'ascii'} – fleaheap Feb 23 '13 at 6:03

You're getting JSON back from Facebook, so the easiest thing to do is use the built in json module to decode it (provided you're using Python 2.6+, otherwise you'll have to install).

import json
import urllib2

result = urllib2.urlopen("")
rawdata =
jsondata = json.load(rawdata)

print jsondata['link']

gives you:

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