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I have a pretty complexed JSON structure and I'm several levels down inside it. What I'm trying to do is reference a property on the top level but I'm not sure how to get the whole object and access the specific property.

for example:


    prop1: value1,
    prop2: value2,
    prop3: value3,
    prop4: {
        prop1a: value1a,
        prop2a: value2a,
        prop3a: {
            prop1b: value1b,
            prop2b: value2b,
            prop3b: value3b

So what I'm doing is looping over prop1b to prop3b but during each iteration I want to insert the value of prop1 on the top level. Any idea how I get reference to the whole object and then access the value?

I was thinking something like {{data.prop1}} with data being the name of the object I passed to handlebars to compile.


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Do you really have nested objects or are there arrays involved? I ask because objects are unordered so the structure doesn't make much sense for iteration. –  mu is too short Feb 24 '13 at 5:33
This is not the actual json structure, it's several more levels deep and has a mix of arrays, objects and string values. –  Owzzz Feb 25 '13 at 0:20

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