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C# Guessing-Game

Use a loop construct that will repeat asking for a guess if the current guess is incorrect. In your prompt for the guess, include the range of values allowed (between 1 to 10). If the User’s guess is outside the range, re-prompt for a valid value before proceeding. Continue the loop until the User enters the correct value. In addition, keep track of the number of guesses attempted and include that value in your display message when you “congratulate” them for the correct guess. Modify the range values in the prompt for the next guess based on the value of the current guess, relative to the random number generated.

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You need a loop that continues until the user correctly guesses a number. I think a do-while loop would suit that nicely. You will need a variable to store the random number, number of guess attempts, and the guess entered. Console.WriteLine is what you will need to display text and Console.ReadLine is what you will need to get input from the user. The string returned from ReadLine will need to be converted into an integer in order to use the input. Random.Next(int, int) is the method you should use to get a random integer. An if statement for whether user input is out of guessing range. This should give you the tools that you need to make the application, you just have to put it together.

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