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I have a dataset with millions of U.S. addresses. I would like to geocode this dataset. Yahoo had an API with the most generous rate limit (50K per day, still too low for my purposes), but this is defunct. I don't think any API, unless I can do over 100K requests per day, will suit my needs.

Is there any simple-to-configure software I can download to do this from my own computer?

In particular, to those who have experience with it, will http://www.datasciencetoolkit.org/developerdocs#setup suit my needs?

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I'd start by testing a representative sample of the addresses on their site. Compare to google's results. If their data looks good, go for it! – flup Feb 23 '13 at 5:32

Would an API that supports millions of requests per day suit your needs?

There are few services which do this. In particular, LiveAddress by SmartyStreets can handle that kind of load and is actually built for it. You can upload files (like Excel or CSV, etc, zipped up esp. if you have that many) or query the API (each request can support 100 addresses).

So while the program doesn't get downloaded to your computer, it will actually be faster than a localized, in-house solution, because it scales up and when the load is high. LiveAddress is geo-distributed and is powered by RAM drive servers which spin up more nodes when there's lots of work to do. LiveAddress is known for handling millions of addresses quickly (like in a few hours).

I work at SmartyStreets. We kind of dare you to see how fast you can legitimately query the API or upload and process all your lists. There's plenty of sample code on GitHub for the API or you can (programmatically or manually) upload your list files for batch geocoding.

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Way out of my price range, but thank you. – Elliot Jans Feb 24 '13 at 11:43

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